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Centiv is a tax advisory firm specializing in tax credits and cost recovery solutions to reduce federal and state tax liability.


The practice is comprised of tax professionals and engineers with decades of experience in fixed assets and real property tax issues. Centiv’s specialists have accumulated the technical expertise to comprehend, interpret, and navigate the complex rules and regulations which govern tax credits and optimized cost recovery.


At Centiv, we want to educate and guide our clients through the challenges of tax credits and tax optimization to provide value, allow for greater growth, and become trusted advisors. Further, we want to provide tax incentive services to every market tier and to companies in all phases of the business life cycle. 

  • Cost Segregation Services

  • Purchase Price Allocation Services

  • Green Energy Tax Credits

  • ​Fed & State Depreciation Optimization

  • Tax Depreciation Outsourcing​

  • ​Tangible Property Regulation Review 


Centiv offers a wide range of cost recovery solutions and fixed assets services


Green Energy Tax Credits

Centiv has specialists dedicated to identifying, calculating and claiming Green Energy tax credits

Fixed Assets & Cost Recovery

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